I want to continue my studies in France. How to do it ? What are the steps to follow and what can help me?

I start my training and registration research

Campus France is the official platform of information for studies in France. When I understood the functioning of french education system, I can look at the different training opportunities. At least, the equivalent of the french baccalauréat is required.

For all of my registrations I log in the website "studies in France". This platform has been created to simplify the pre-registration process in more than 250 universities and schools in France. It also helps to me prepare my visa application (to obtain a visa?).


I enquire about scholarships and possible helps for foreign students

If I am looking for a scholarship I log in the Campus Scholarships website. This service helps me to get informations about scholarships allocated to foreign students.

It lists helps granted by each state, local authorities, companies, foundations and higher education institutions. One student out of four studies in France with a scholarship.

The major excellence scholarships are granted by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. They are granted on excellence grounds to people who have passed their French baccalauréat abroad. Thanks to these scholarships, they can continue their studies in France.

The Ministry of Higher Education also awards scholarships on social criteria to foreign students. I am eligible if I have lived in France for 2 years (at least) and declared my fiscal household there.

Under bilateral agreements between institutions of higher education, Erasmus + also offers mobility scholarships to and from France. They cover installation costs and living expenses. I check it with school or university in my own country.

Before leaving I check my list.

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