In Paris Region, there are 7 universities, 12 major institutions and 7 faculties of medicine, nearly 80 engineering schools, business and management, art and architecture schools, and hundreds of senior technician trainings or health training… So many training places where research and innovation are deployed.

A French excellence with a strong presence in Paris Region

In France, the higher education and research excellence is widely recognized around the world. Lots of french universities and high schools are well ranked among the famous international rankings such as the Times Higher Education (Financial Times ranking), the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds world university rankings), the Shanghai ranking or the European Union one, U-Multirank.


What are France’s advantages? Its results and its low cost studies !

France is the fourth host country for foreign students after the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.Thanks to their enrollments in high schools which develop a dynamic opening policy, the number of foreign students is increasingly important.

The Government objective is to double their number from now until 2025, especially for Ph.D students because research and innovation represent major challenges. With 13 medals Fields, France is the second nation in the world in the field of mathematics. It also has 62 Nobel Prizes.

France offers students one of the best higher education system in the world and above all, one of the most accessible. French universities and colleges offer high-quality trainings without significant tuition fees. For 2017/2018, universities tuitions fees are :

  • € 184 for one year in bachelor’s degree;
  • € 256 for one year in master’s degree ;
  • € 610 for one year in engineering school ;
  • € 391 for one year of Ph.D.


Tuition fees in private schools, especially in business and management schools, are much higher than in the public sector (they can reach € 3 000 to € 10 000 per year).


Paris, second best student city in the world

According to the ranking 2017of the British agency Quacquarelli SymondsList of best students cities", Paris is the second city (after Montreal) after being first for several years.

This list is based on the universities ranking, the percentage of foreign students, the quality of life (safety, pollution level, etc.), the cost of studies, the employers’ opinion and those of 18 000 students from around the world.

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