In France, only the host institution is authorized to accept or not a candidate. Each higher education’s institution defines its own admission criteria considering  the foreign student’s previous course and the requirements of the french training.

To establish the equivalency of foreign degrees, please contact this office: ENIC-NARIC France center.

ENIC-NARIC France center
1, avenue Léon-Journault
92318 Sèvres cedex

Phone : +33 1 70 19 30 31
Fax : +33 1 45 07 63 02
E-mail :
Contact : Mrs Claudia Gelleni, in charge of the foreign degrees equivalency departement

The french center ENIC-NARIC is competent to inform me about the academic and professional recognition of my foreign degrees. It is able to give me a certificate guarantying the value of my degree obtained in another educational system abroad. Please note that this certificate is not an equivalence, but some high schools require it (cost : € 70).

When I will come back to my country, the European ENIC-NARIC network will help me to validate my French studies.


I want to obtain a statement of comparability

Only the ENIC-NARIC France is able to give certificates of my foreign degrees.

Since 2009, the ENIC-NARIC center manages applications for degrees equivalency with a comparative approach. After studying my folder, it gives me an statement of comparability for my foreign degree and compares it to the french system.

Good to know : ENIC-NARIC France does not deliver a statement of comparability for :

- degrees with short-term training (less than 6 months/600 hours per semester/full-time) ;

- degrees certifying exclusively linguistic competence ;

- degrees which specialty is a licensed trade (doctor, lawyer, dentist, pharmacist, etc.).


Certificates for recognition of refugee diplomas are treated as a priority issue for free.

When a foreign diploma cannot be compared with a degree level in France, ENIC establishes a certificate of recognition of studies / training abroad after studying the folder provided.

I download the application of comparability statement form.


I want academic recognition in the European Union

As part of an international training (Erasmus + or bilateral exchange programs for example), an academic recognition allows me to start or pursue my studies in another European Union state member.

In the case of bilateral exchanges between two higher education institutions, the recognition of degrees is provided for in the exchange agreements, or through the application of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Picto fond gris.jpgThe European Credits Tansfer System (ECTS) has been developed to ensure a better mobility for young students within/in the European area.

I test my language level

If I am taking french lessons, I must present a document certifying my level. To have this document, I must pass an exam or an official french test like the DELF (diploma of studies in french language), the DALF (Advanced Diploma in french Language), the TCF (test of knowledge of french), the TEF (assessment test of french)…The common reference is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL), which has six levels.

If I obtained a French baccalauréat in an intistution belonging to the Agency for teaching French abroad (AEFE), I do not have to pass one of these official tests.

I can take the DEFL and DALF exams in one of the 1 186 accredited exams centers in 173 countries, including France.

Level B1 (threshold or intermediate level) or B2 (advanced level) isrecommended to follow studies at the bachelor’s or master’s level, particularly in human and social sciences. Level B2 is required to enter in the first year as part of a prior admission. Some higher education institutions may require a higher level, C1 (autonomous level) or C2 (master level) for specific courses. For more information, please contact each institution.

If I take a training course in english, fluency in French is not required but the school can test my english level.


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